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ionVac (Magenta)

Handheld Cordless Vacuum

SKU: 7553SC
 UPC: 841351175531

Boasting lightweight design and strong suction, the ionVac battery powered vacuum cleaner picks up dust, debris, and dirt from the tightest of spaces. Its incredibly powerful suction (6000 kPa) makes cleaning your home or car a breeze, but it’s also great for any on-the spot cleaning needs. For added convenience, you can use a crevice nozzle or brush attachment for upholstered furniture and sensitive surfaces. USB Type-C charging allows you to conveniently charge the ionVac from any USB power source.

  • Powerful 6000 kPa of suction in an under 3 lbs. device
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (USB - C cord included). 15-20 minutes of operating time between charges
  • Easy to empty and clean its high capacity 100 ml dust collector
  • Includes two attachments: dust brush and extension wand tool
  • Replacement filters available. Purchase here.

Get replacement parts before you need them.
ionVac Replacement Filters




Cleaning and convenience go hand in hand. Get an effective clean without breaking out the heavy equipment. Check out all of the lightweight vacuums ionVac has to offer for quick and easy cleaning solutions!

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