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UltraClean UV/OptiMax UV Replacement Kit

UV Filter Replacement Kit

SKU: 8216SC
 UPC: 841351182164

The ionvac UltraClean UV/OptiMax UV Robovac Replacement Kit will keep your vacuum running smoothly and extend its overall life. Keeping the RoboVac in good working order will not only produce cleaner air for you and your family to breathe, but it will also produce a much cleaner home environment in particular. To foster this hygienic home atmosphere and maintain your RoboVac’s peak performance be sure to change the consumable replenishment kit every six months. The filters should be swapped out every two months; side brushes every three months, and the rolling brush after six months.

  • For ionvac UltraClean UV/OptiMax UV Robovacs
  • Includes one rolling brush, four sweeping brushes, and three filters



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