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Spira (Chrome)

Spiral Shaped LED Lamp

SKU: 7864SC
 UPC: 841351178648

Add stylish, reliable, energy saving light to any desk or bedside table with the Atmospheres Spira LED. Its creative crescent shaped design subtly grabs attention—allowing it to be used as innovative decoration as well as a table lamp. The Atmospheres Spira LED is easy to use and provides energy star certified lighting with a slick design that is sure to impress!

  • Minimalist spiral light with an alloy metal trim
  • 5W LED light bulb with 3000K color temperature
  • Anti-slip mat underneath base
  • 58” power cord
  • Energy star certified



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You can turn it on and off easily with an easy-to-use switch, giving it a twist over the typical desk lamp. The perfect combination of light and function!

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