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Battery-Powered Lavalier Microphone

Compact Lavalier Battery-Operated Clip-On Microphone

SKU: 7255SC
 UPC: 841351172554

Enhance your podcast, interview, or any other broadcasting and audio project with the ON AIR Battery-Powered Lavalier Microphone. Designed for discretion and compatibility with a wide range of gear, including digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other recording devices—this tiny omnidirectional microphone uses simple plug-and-play functionality for easy use with all ages: just plug the jack securely, start recording your voice, and control everything from your device. It’s the fastest and easiest way to bring professional-quality audio to any home studio.

• Designed to Clip to Shirts, Ties, Jackets, or Collars Discreetly • 6’ Cable Can be Affixed Subtly to Any Outfit • 3.5mm AUX Connection Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets • Easy-to-Use Plug-and-Play Interface



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